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3-layer oak plank flooring is new and advanced kind of wood flooring which is, because of its 3-layer structure and cross-glued layers, more stabile from solid (massive) flooring and, therefore, appropriate for installation on underfloor heating.
Total thickness is 15 mm.
It is available in following sizes:
15x150x1800/2000/2200 mm
15x200x1800/2000/2200 mm
15x250x1800/2000/2200 mm
15x300x1800/2000/2200 mm.
By default it is produced with bevelled edges.
Planks are joined together by T&G (tongue and groove).
It is delivered for straight pattern installation.
It is suitable for installation on underfloor heating.
It is available in Natur, Rustic and Country grading.
Country grading is available only in widths 150 and 200 mm.

Available surfaces…