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Versetto upholstery-card contains current choice of materials (textile fabrics and faux leather) for upholstery of chairs, sofas and beds. You can choose from 48 samples of different textures and colours. Our sales staff will be glad to help you choose.

All materials in our upholstery-card represent standard choice included in basic price of the product.

You finals choice is not limited only on our upholstery-card with standard materials. We can offer you entire pallet of materials from our suppliers’ reach collections, who are well-known producers. Choosing non-standard material usually increases price of the product.

We would like to mention that all upholstery materials are not convenient to be used on any chair model, as well as sofas and beds. After we receive your inquiry/order and consult the production department, we will get back to you with information if the chosen upholstery is not compatible with ordered chair model and give you our recommendation for the most similar upholstery alternative.