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Full staves panels

Solid edge glued panels with full staves are made of wooden staves, which are glued to each other by width. Staves are not glued by length. Their width vary between 60 and 120 mm. Panels in width 1210 mm and 1220 mm are mostly used for production of massive furniture.



Stairs characteristics:

Solid edge glued panels with full staves in width 650 mm are used for production of stairs (from one panel you get two pieces of stairs in standard width).


Stairs assortment:

Quality description:

A side: Strips are graded by colour in order to acchieve homogenic wood appearance. Basically sap wood, brown wood, knots or cracks are not allowed. Technically correct.

B side: Strips are not graded by colour, singular sap wood is allowed, small knots, no surface defects.

C side: “Baumarkt” quality without any colour limitations. Technically correct.



Wood is a natural material. Because of that, single panel should be used only as an example. Deviations in colour and structure in relation to sample are possible.

Colour variations are typical characteristic of wood as natural material and they vary from one wood species to another. Therefore, differences in colour of panels produced in separate production series are possible.