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Wall cladding will visually enrich every interior by making it more powerful and warm.

Wall cladding is made from high quality solid wood and it’s profiled the same way as solid wood flooring (they have tongue and groove). Wood is dried acc. to the valid norms for solid wood flooring, meaning such wall cladding is convenient for indoor installation.

Surface of the boards is handled manually, which makes them unique product of highest value. They are oiled with quality oil and available in three different designs inspired by natural colours and textures: Chich, Melange i Marron

Installation of wall cladding is not complicated. Boards are being screwed to the wall on a way screws are not visible afterwards – through the tongue and groove. We recommend boards to be installed horizontally, starting from the floor towards the ceiling. You should leave at least 5 mm free space to the ceiling in order to allow movement of the wood, that is, its expansion during the climate change (increased moisture during summer). If you are installing wall cladding on the dry wall, we recommend to put wooden panels or adequate beams first and then wall cladding on top (to keep the original wall from damages).


20 x 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 x 500 – 2200 mm